Flag of Sankwan

Flag of the Republic of Sankwan.

Sankwan, officially the Republic of Sankwan, is a nation on the continent of Africa. Sankwan is one of the smallest countries by area and population as of 2018. It's capital is Sankwan City, which is also the largest city in the country.

According to the UN, Sankwan is one of the poorest nations on earth.

Map of Sankwan

Map of the Republic of Sankwan. Sankwan's capital is the yellow star.

Politics Edit

The Republic of Sankwan is a constitutional presidential republic.

Divisions Edit

  • Northern Sankwan
  • Southern Sankwan
  • Sankwan City

Political Issues Edit

Poverty Edit

Poverty is a massive issue in Sankwan. Half of the population in Sankwan is under the poverty line. In 2016, the clean the streets act was imposed to clean slums in the suburbs outside Sankwan City.

Religion Edit

Sankwan's first amendment of their constitution says that "everyone can believe in any religion of any sort!" Christianity is the biggest religion in Sankwan, with 65% Sankwani's identifying themselves as Christians as of 2018.

Islam is the second most predominant religion in Sankwan, with 21% of the Sankwani's identifying themselves as Muslims as of 2018. 15% of Sankiwani's identify themselves with a traditional African religion and 1% identify themselves as non-religious.

Religion is a big part of Sankwaniu's education, with Bible Studies making up half of the teachings in the classroom.

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